About Roll Ready™

Vari Pro Innovations Inc.
Dear Golfer,

Vari Pro Innovations Inc., is dedicated to creating world class products that have a positive impact on society and people.

Roll Ready™ is a product that has been designed using biomimicry. As an avid golfer, I noticed that golfers are frequently challenged to clean their balls on the green.  The idea came to me while watching a nature program about squids. The unique way a squid travels through the water inspired me to design a product to address this challenge. Roll Ready™ is shaped like a squid to allow the ball to be held in the housing while the golfer cleans the ball with one hand. When ready to putt, the golfer removes the ball, and the fingers open and release it, returning to their original state.

I am excited about the future of Vari Pro Innovations Inc., as Roll Ready™ is the first of many innovative products that we will develop from ideation to market.

Thank you for making Roll Ready™ a part of your golf game!

Adnan Darr